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Orizzonte contemporaneO provides a qualified and updated guide to the art market by implementing the most effective strategies consulting, in order to guide the customer towards choices better suited to him, both from a legal point of view and financially, for the purchase or sale and, investment in artworks both old masters and modern, and the acquisition of inetided artworks in line with the market trend.


The service is aimed at private citizens, collectors, institutions and companies that intend to assign or expand their cultural heritage to a professional staff, who use the most correct and appropriate communication parameters and strategy in a highly competitive world like the art market.


The Art Ambassador manages the flow of everything that happens in a cultural society and knows how to value the artistic heritage.

He also interacts with suppliers in order to achieve better results for both parties.


He studies the portfolio of all the works of both old masters and contemporary art in management so that we can provide the complete material and the utmost seriousness by the staff, which will care to respect and meet customer needs.


Art advisory:

  • Assistance acquisitions and disposals artwork
  • Assistance in the selection and acquisition of lots for the customer at the auction houses
  • Relations with the artists and purchase works at the art studios
  • authentic writing
  • Agreement of sale transaction




The services are for: Private citizens, Collectors, Companies, Public institutions and, in general, to those who want to invest in art and enter into the world of collecting.



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Author: Luigi Pane

Subject: Selfportrait

Date: 1974

Technique: lithografy, print n° 64/70

Measures: 50x52 cm

Signature: lower right

Conservation: excellent

Provenance: Private collection


Economic appraisal:

-Dott.ssa Marina Ciangoli, expert in attributions and art economic evaluations



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