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Art is not an opinion is Method.

Owning a piece of art, does not mean only enjoy a beautiful object: the art work has in itself the signs of aging of the culture that produced it, and as such is the bearer of prestige and a corresponding economic value. Conscious of this, Orizzonte contemporaneO employs scientific and transparent methods of investigation, in order to draw objective historical and artistic assessments, economic evaluations, and follow up and guide the customer in case of mediations for the alienation of the property or to safe purchases .


Orizzonte contemporaneO has dealt with prestigious artists such as Ghirlandaio, Thomas Gainsborough, Jean Raoux, El Lissitzky, Yvette Achkar, Nunzio Gulino, Enotrio Pugliese, Luigi Pane and much more.


Orizzonte contemporaneO operates in Italy and abroad where required. Not performing free documentation and free evaluations. See the Preziario e la Tabella Onorario.


Art Appraisals, Expertise, Evaluations, Attributions and condition report of old masters, modern and contemporary artworks, will be made by Orizzonte contemporaneO, on paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and matrices.

The methodology will be conducted in a scientific manner, ie, with objective and non-arbitrary parameters, implemented through the critical study and reasoned examined of the art object, and supported by the trends of the international market.

Specifically, the services offered by Orizzonte contemporaneO are:


  • Art appraisals and economic evaluations: The art appraisal is a detailed and analytical document containing all the work evaluative element in question. It is primarily the studythat attests, through the artistic value and the analysis of market trends, the economic value of the work appraised. It is indispensable in case of alienation or secure purchase of an artwork, for separations or extrajudicial hereditary divisions. In the case of works already object of appraisal, it can perform an update about status of conservation and market trend.
  • Expertise: The expertise is the document of IDENTITY, or better yet, the certificate of authenticity of an artwork. Specifically it is a detailed study, executed by an expert of art, historical and philological in order to corroborate the authenticity of the artwork and its prestige, based on documentary and archival research, stylistic and artistic analysis, research on the provenance, conservation status and diagnostic investigations. Thanks to the expertise can be formulated economic evaluations and classifications auction, as well as publications in case of scientific discoveries.
  • Authentic for contemporary art: it is a certification halfway between the expertise and appraisals, useful to disseminate of art by a living artist and still in activity, considering, not only creative characteristics, but also the market price enjoyed by the artist, emerging or claimed to be.
  • Inventory and appraisals: This service allows the customer to know the real economic value of family or company property and update it according to the current trend in the art market.e. Orizzonte contemporaneO offers free knowledge survey of the collection submitted by the customer, and a first orientation economic value thereof. The inventory carried out by us, consists in drawing up synthetic files of the collection, homogeneous or inhomogeneous that is, containing a brief description of the artwork appraised, its timely economic value and an image is representative of the same.
  • Condition report: The service consists in drawing up a concise document that attests to the conservative state of the art work. Owning this document, it becomes necessary in case of sale, mortgage, temporary loan of the art and, in general, to the agreements that have financial and insurance implications.
  • Attribution: The attribution of a artwork to a specific author, must be conducted with scientific method and accompanied by the drafting expertise. So it was ascertained the authorship of examined artwork, the following points will be analyzed: the historic area, geographical and stylistic; coherence and iconographic innovation, iconological and composition; the ductus, its state of conservation, the techniques, the analysis of external elements useful and extensive archival research. Where necessary, will be made non-invasive diagnostic tests (crackle, UV fluorescence, X-rays, IR, X-ray reflectography), in agreement with the customer, in order to corroborate the authenticity of the work or to determine more elements about the author identified.



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The services are for: private citizens, collectors, law firms, banking institutions, financial companies and, in general, to those who want to certify the actual value of the work of art in their possession.



To use the services in the field of art appraisals, expertise, attributions, evaluations and condition report, simply you write to:: sending photos in good resolution, of the work or works to be examined, of the front, the back, the signature if present and any relevant details.




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